Justyna Kowalczyk - The Queen of Bieg Piastów!

2019-03-02 15:25:00


- Supporters around the track were great! - said Justyna Kowalczyk during ceremony winners of Bieg Piastów 50 km CT. Kowalczyk - 4-times World Cup Winner, Olimpic and World Champion, called The Queen of Polish Skis, she was started today the second time in the biggest polish cross country skiing race. The track was iced and very fast.

Kowalczyk has been fleeing Adela Boudikova and Klara Moravcova (CZE). She has finished lonely, with a few minutes ahead.

In men competition fight about winning championship was (to the last meters) among 7 racers. In the last meters the fastest was Pavel Ondrasek. Behind him the finish line crossed Pawel Klisz (POL). Third place for Florian Rohde (GER).

The mood was amazing! Kowalczyk was supported by hundreds very emotional fans along course. She lost to the best man only 6 minutes.

- The best was here to meet people! - announced Kowalczyk. During short race (25 km CT) she spend time along the course supporting hundreds of racers. - You have been supporting me 20 years, now I support you! - Kowalczyk said to the racers.

50 km CT has finished 1592 racers from 31 countries.


Top 3 Men

1. Pavel Ondrasek 2:12:39

2. Paweł Klisz 2:12:40

3. Florian Rode 2:12:40


Top Women

1. Justyna Kowalczyk 2:19:03

2. Adela Boudikova 2:23:39

3. Klara Moravcova 2:24:47


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