2025 Bieg Piastów in the second weekend of March

In 2025, the main competitions of Bieg Piastów will take place on March 7, 8 and 9. The exact date will look like this:

March 7, 2025 (Friday) - 30 km km FT (Worldloppet)
March 8, 2025 (Saturday) - 50 km CT (Worldloppet)
March 9, 2025 (Sunday) - 25 km CT (Worldloppet)

The change of the date of the main competitions from the first to the second weekend of March is caused by the later than usual end of school holidays in Poland. According to government information already published, the holidays will end in 2025 on the first weekend of March. If the main competitions of Bieg Piastów were held on the same days, the competitors would have problems finding accommodation or would have to stay in places more distant from Jakuszyce or closer, but more expensive.

For our region, this would mean a shorter season. When Bieg Piastów takes place a week after the holidays, thousands of people living off guests can count on filling the accommodation, catering and other services for a week longer.

Such a date in 2025 means that for the first time in many years, Bieg Piastów will not be held on the same weekend as the swedish Vasaloppet - the largest ski run in the world. This will give the opportunity to take parti in Bieg Piastów competitors who cannot imagine a season without taking part in the Vasaloppet, as well as vice versa: those who always compete in Bieg Piastów will have the opportunity to go to Sweden for the main Vasaloppet.

The date of Bieg Piastów in 2025 will coincide with the date of another very popular race: the swiss Engadin Skimarathon. Both events belong to the global organization of the world's largest race, Wordloppet, the change we wanted had to be agreed with both our colleagues from Switzerland and Wordloppet. We did it, we got the green light to implement this change.
A similar situation will probably take place in 2026. Then the holidays are supposed to end on the first weekend of March. In nexts years, they are to end at the end of February, so Bieg Piastów will be able to return to the first weekend of March.

We count on your understanding of this change in 2025. We announce it immediately after approval by our foreign partners, because we know from your and our own experience that sport trips, especially long-distance ones, are planned well in advance.
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