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Bieg Piastów is organized by hundreds of persons, including numerous volunteers whose effort is planned and coordinated by a group of people responsible for particular actions. 

Maciej Pawłowski, President

Has been with Bieg Piastów for almost 30 years and a member of the Board since 2011. A member of alpine skiing National Team of Poland in his academic years. PhD in engineering at Politechnika Wroclawska, dean of its IT Department and director of Remote Didactics Centre in Jelenia Góra. Has been managing the centre since 1990 leading to significant improvement of its recognition. Enthusiast of Jelenia Góra region, considerable share in construction of Termy Cieplickie, effective restoration of Palac Schaffgotschów in Cieplice and establishing collaboration between Jelenia Góra and American Tyler or Danish Randers.

Dorota Dziadkowiec-Michoń, Vice President

Honour ski runner, world champion of the International Sports Federation of Cross-Country Skiing Marathons in 1990,1991 and 1992, third in 1998. 5Th in the final classification of  FIS Marathon Cup in 2002/2003 season. 7 times Polish champion and 10 times runner up. Champion of numerous ski marathons including Bieg Piastów, Konig Ludwig Lauf,  Jizerská Padesátka for 30 km free technique. Forth in Italian Marcialonga, sixth in Bieg Wazów. Physical education teacher, coach, referee and technical delegate at national competitions. Responsible for sport issues during Bieg Piastów.

Kaja Sznajdrowicz, Managing Director

Joined Bieg Piastów 10 years ago as a volunteer. Was an assistant of the President Julian Gozdowski, Logistics Manager, Deputy Commander. Managing Director of Bieg Piastów since 1 June 2016. Worked at World Championship in Szklarska Poręba in 2012 and 2014. A graduate of Tourism and Recreation at the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw. Devoted to her passion in spare time: snow boring and motorcycles. Loves travelling and discover the world. The greatest adventure - hitch-hiking to Beijing

Joanna Jędrzejowska, Administration Office Manager

Joined the Bieg Piastów team in 2009. Runs our office. Realizes Polish-Czech Republic collaboration projects (purchased a new snow cat as a result), follows the deadlines, HR issues, rice rules, contracts, orders, payments, answers numerous phone calls personally and via e-mail. Participated in organizing the World Championship in 2012 and 2014 in Jakuszyce. Speed lover and karate fighter.

Joanna Grzeszczak, Infrastructure and Logistics Specialist

Biathlete, snowboard instructor, volcano of energy and ideas. Responsible for technical side of our races. A graduate of Szkola Mistrzostwa Sportowego in Szklarska Poręba, raced numerous runs and understands sport environment very well. Loves extreme challenges: ski running in a blizzard, 137 kilometre Przejscie Dookola Kotliny Jeleniogórskiej (finished!) or alpine half marathon after only few training runs. You would most likely meet her crossing in the night through the course runs of Jakuszyce. Her goal for upcoming year: the Worldloppet Master title.

Agnieszka Sus, Marketing and Promotion Specialist,

Public Relations and Marketing successful Specialist for over 15 years. Known for unique creativity, hard-working and professionalism with a hint of imagination and craziness. She would paint “Warszawa” (old Polish car), make a beach in the middle of town centre, organise an exhibition, search through film archives, plan new visual identification.  Privately: a mother of Mila, enthusiast of Dolny Śląsk, Jakuszyce, bicycles and ski running of course!

Marek Operacz, Course Run Manager

Related with  Stowarzyszenie Bieg Piastów for 17 years. Responsible for preparation of course runs for racers for the entire season, but most busy before Bieg Piastów. Prepared course runs during two World Championships on Jakuszyce (in 2012 and 2014). Biathlon racer before joined Bieg Piastów. Cars and car rally enthusiast and  Even took part in one.

Przemysław Grzeszczak, Course Run Preparation Specialist

Always smiling resident of Jelenia Góra, a lover of Jakuszyce and Góry Izerskie, born in 1988. Sportsman from his youth, biathlon racer for six years. Studied Tourism and Recreation at the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw. In the team of Bieg Piastów since 2008. Responsible for preparation of course runs with the use of a snow cat in winter; in the summertime makes sure the runners and cyclists do not get lost and reach the finish line safely - secures and marks the course runs. Prepared course runs during the World Championships in Jakuszyce in 2012 and 2014. Motorcycle, travel and any outdoor activity lover.

Michał Kryla, Start Number Manager

Responsible for start numbers distribution office for approximately 10 years. A graduate of Tourism and Recreation faculty at Wyzsza Szkola Bannkowa in Wroclaw and postgraduate studies on event, congress and conference planning at the same school. Employee of the Culture and Tourism Department of the City Hall of Jelenia Góra and is responsible for international collaboration. Completed the Korona Pólmaratonów Polskich in 2017.

Leszek Kosiorowski, Spokesman,

Text writer of our website and our publishing houses, fun pages of  Bieg Piastów in social media, collaboration with journalists and photographer. Worked as a reporter and editor in press and web sites.. National coordinator of marketing research company on pharmaceutical market, responsible for public relations of World Championships in Jakuszyce in 2014. Travel ad marathon lover: street, alpine and ski. Collaboration with Teatr Nasz in Michalowice, organizer of running camps, describes in media  the most picturesque running trails of our region. A graduate of Political Sciences at the University of Wroclaw.

Barbara Roman, Accountant

Keeps the books of Bieg Piastów from its first edition in 1976 (few years brakes in a meantime) Co-founder - along with Julian Gozdowski - of Stowarzyszenie Bieg Piastów in 1991. Worked in local administration office in Jelenia Góra for many years, where she was responsible for accounting issue for sport and recreation. Accountant of numerous big sports events, including two 6--day Enduro motorcycle races. A member of the Board of Bieg Piastów.


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58-580 Szklarska Poręba

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