Bieg Piastów

Julian Gozdowski

Honorary President of Stowarzyszenie Bieg Piastów Honorary Commander of Bieg Piastów. Planning Manager of Bieg Piastów from its first edition in 1976 (including a break on the verge of 70’s and 80’s) Co-founder of Stowarzyszenie Bieg Piastów, tireless promoter of ski running, Jakuszyce and Góry Izerskie.

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Zyta Bałazy

The most valuable  aspect of Jakuszyce centre are superb ski course runs of Gory Izerskie. There would be no chances for them if not openness, kind attitude and understanding and support of Nadlesnisto Szklarska Poręba, managed by Zyta Balazy for many years.
Merits of Zyta Balazy go far beyond Bieg Piastów and our course runs. They are of civilisation development rank for Dolny Slask. Zyta Balazy contributed to reconstruction of astonishing nature of Góry Izerskie. 

"Zyta Bałazy o Biegu Piastów"

Wanda i Jerzy Lechowiczowie

One of the first initiators and organizers of sport life in Szklarska Poręba and the area. Belonged to a group which started organising Bieg Piastów. As a forest-man he discovered running assets of Jakuszyce. Both were experienced referees of Bieg Piastów, Wand for over 20 years worked as a main referee.

"Wanda i Jerzy Lechowiczowie"


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