Sixteen instead of twelve - change of route Because of the decision of Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, according to which the Deer Meadow must be excluded from the Piast Race route, we have to change the route for classic technique, which according to the plan was supposed to be 12 kilometers long. After the change the route will be extended to 16 kilometers.

There will also be a spot with beverages, which previously was not planned. As previously reported, due to the protection of black grouses' lek on Deer Meadow, after February 1st, this area mustn't be used for the organization of sports competitions. This rule forces us to change the routes of the competition. On Sunday, March 5th, at 41. Piast Race - Cross-Country Skiing Festival, there will be running for 25 km and 16 km. The latter, in order to avoid a collision of routes, we need to organize mostly on the area towards the center of Szklarska Poreba. This route was extended by about four kilometers. Contestants will run towards "Pod Cichą Równią" Crossroads, then turn into the road leading to the mine, next go down "Bez Łaski" (Without Grace) route. After that they will go up Red Rocks and hike to the mine. The route will end at Polana Jakuszycka (Jakuszycka Glade).

The new route of the former 'twelve' and, now 'sixteen', is demanding but very attractive when it comes to the landscape. By extending the Piast Race - Festival of Cross-Country Skiing, through the introduction of shorter (9 and 12 km) runs, our goal was to encourage less experienced skiers, with a weaker condition; to give them the opportunity to participate in a mass run and feel its extraordinary atmosphere.We hope that this will motivate them to increase their level so they could take part in the longer runs in the future. The loss of Deer Meadow as an area where we can organize the part of the Piast Race made the new 'sixteen' not as easy to overcome, as 'twelve'.

This does not mean, however, that it will be especially difficult. Anyhow, please understand our decision, as it is a derivative of the comments of Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, which we respect, and have to take into account. We want the contestants to feel comfortable. Therefore, on Red Rocks, after the ascent there will be a spot with beverages. In the future, we are not going to organize two large runs during one day. Shorter runs will be moved to earlier days.

We have prepared a 26-minute coverage of the competition in the main run - 50 km.

21 December. The beginning of winter. The stately autumn is stepping down from the throne of nature.

Something is passing, something is coming. We remember the 40 years of the wonderful history of the
development of the Bieg Piastów and, at the same time, we are entering the winter season. The season which is heralding the new travel in time.

The season which is to become a breakthrough for the fate of Polana Jakuszycka. The season in which the organizers of the Bieg Piastów, taking with themselves the burden of the experience, tradition and history of the race, want to conquer together with YOU the next summit. The next level of the development in this only one of its kind event. The event which, as everything in nature, requires from time
to time a revival.

That is why everything related to the Bieg Piastów that you have so farreceived, won or bought, will from now on gain even more value, because - apart from the sentimental one - collectors value will join. Why? We are entering a new era. The times and the market require it. We are leaving the history, the name and love to YOU. The rest is going to change. As you know, we have been realizing the Letni Bieg Piastów for 4 years, and the Rowerowy Bieg Piastów - for 2 years. Three different sports disciplines under one, historic, but attributed only to cross-country skiing sign? Impossible. We had to take the risk and change the logo, and to be precise, create a family of three signs. Of the same stylistic quality, modern, simple, based on association, not
literal. Signs that will meet new marketing demands. Signs compatible with the needs of social networking portals. Signs inscribed in the horizontal, vertical and central composition. Signs becoming an inherent part of the colours of the Silesian Piast coat of arms. From now on the colours of white, yellow and black will flood the clearing.

We know that it will trigger a wave of disapproval among the traditionalists, but we do not bear a grudge for it. We respect all those who follow the tradition and we assure you that not only will the history of the Bieg Piastów so far not be forgotten, but  also we will put it on the pedestal, because it deserves it.

We are doing it with the thought of YOU the participants of all the editions so far and in the future. We are doing it also for ourselves. Those, who for all those years have laboriously been putting together the elements of this jigsaw puzzle and who still want to do it for YOU.


Thank you all for participating in the 40th Piast Race. In all races there were about five and a half thousand of you and us (we also started) . It is thanks to you that in the Piast Race there is nice, friendly, sporty atmosphere!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the organization of our competitions. Forgive our shortcomings and mistakes.
We're not perfect.You can, however, be sure that we did everything that was possible and that we could do to prepare Piast Race very well.
See you at 41. Piast Race in 2017!
Welcome to Jakuszyce all year round!