Sixteen instead of twelve - change of route Because of the decision of Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, according to which the Deer Meadow must be excluded from the Piast Race route, we have to change the route for classic technique, which according to the plan was supposed to be 12 kilometers long. After the change the route will be extended to 16 kilometers.

There will also be a spot with beverages, which previously was not planned. As previously reported, due to the protection of black grouses' lek on Deer Meadow, after February 1st, this area mustn't be used for the organization of sports competitions. This rule forces us to change the routes of the competition. On Sunday, March 5th, at 41. Piast Race - Cross-Country Skiing Festival, there will be running for 25 km and 16 km. The latter, in order to avoid a collision of routes, we need to organize mostly on the area towards the center of Szklarska Poreba. This route was extended by about four kilometers. Contestants will run towards "Pod Cichą Równią" Crossroads, then turn into the road leading to the mine, next go down "Bez Łaski" (Without Grace) route. After that they will go up Red Rocks and hike to the mine. The route will end at Polana Jakuszycka (Jakuszycka Glade).

The new route of the former 'twelve' and, now 'sixteen', is demanding but very attractive when it comes to the landscape. By extending the Piast Race - Festival of Cross-Country Skiing, through the introduction of shorter (9 and 12 km) runs, our goal was to encourage less experienced skiers, with a weaker condition; to give them the opportunity to participate in a mass run and feel its extraordinary atmosphere.We hope that this will motivate them to increase their level so they could take part in the longer runs in the future. The loss of Deer Meadow as an area where we can organize the part of the Piast Race made the new 'sixteen' not as easy to overcome, as 'twelve'.

This does not mean, however, that it will be especially difficult. Anyhow, please understand our decision, as it is a derivative of the comments of Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, which we respect, and have to take into account. We want the contestants to feel comfortable. Therefore, on Red Rocks, after the ascent there will be a spot with beverages. In the future, we are not going to organize two large runs during one day. Shorter runs will be moved to earlier days.