The 46th Bieg Piastów – summary and thanks

Over 5,500 participants of the 46th Bieg Piastów – Cross-Country Skiing Festival! We are very grateful to all of you who participated, who did not lose the joy of cross-country skiing, although the times in which we live have been getting more and more difficult for the last few years.

Due to the fact that it was possible to hold the festival in the normal formula, i.e. with joint starts, there were over 2,000 athletes more than last year. Again, we could all meet, be together much closer than a year ago. We hope that in 2023 the attendance is even higher, especially that the Lower Silesian Sports Center "Polana Jakuszycka", which will give us a chance to enhance the level of organization of our event, will be ready.

Now, however, the thoughts of many of us are somewhere else. The 46th Bieg Piastów took place in the shadow of Russia's aggression against Ukraine. In the face of this tragedy, we must not stay indifferent or neutral. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the "Help for Ukraine" donation in Jakuszyce during the races.

We hope that this horrible war ends quickly, and so does the pandemic. We dream of a world consistent with the values of the Bieg Piastów: friendship, health and competition based on fair play. A world in which people differ but respect each other. A world in which differences are treated as an asset enriching its beauty, and not as a reason to try and brutally dominate others.

This is the world we believe in and try to build during the Bieg Piastów races. Together with you. Thanks to you – the Bieg Piastów community. This community is not only composed by athletes and organizers. These are also volunteers, our co-workers, fans, local community, partners, patrons, and sponsors. Everyone in this community is very important.
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