Final for Antolec and Szyszka

Kacper Antolec and Andżelika Szyszka win the 25 km CT in the Bieg Piastów!
The victory in the women's competition was clear and unquestionable – an excellent coach and athlete from the Bieszczady Mountains, Andżelika Szyszka, and the classic style like each other very much. That, combined with fast conditions, contributed to her excellent result and a big advantage over her rivals.
Among men, there were no such big differences. Despite his victory, a representative of the Polish national team, Kacper Antolec, admitted that he felt disappointed with his place on Saturday, when he lost in the 50 km CT to Michał Skowron. "I came here for two victories – in 50 and 25 kilometers," he said openly. His triumph, however, is very valuable, especially because he defeated another Polish national team representative, Piotr Sobiczewski.
The 25 km Bieg Piastów was held on the beautiful routes of the Jizera Mountains in Szklarska Poręba, in the area between Jakuszyce, Orle tourist station and the vicinity of Kozi Grzbiet. It was the last, yet the most popular race within the 46th Bieg Piastów – Cross-Country Skiing Festival. It was completed by 1511 athletes, including 380 women.

25 km CT
1st Kacper Antolec 1:07:53
2nd Piotr Sobiczewski 1:08:28
3rd Tomas Veber 1:08:29

1st Andżelika Szyszka 1:18:07
2nd Weronika Jarecka 1:21:26
3rd Jana Jetmarova 1:22:33

The 25 km race is included in the Worldloppet and Skitour classifications.



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