46th Bieg Piastów – FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions

46th Bieg Piastów – FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions

1. Is it still possible to sign up?

If places are still available, participation only from the last starting sector is possible. Registration only in tha trace office.

2. Is it still possible to transfer my starting number to another person or change the distance?

Yes, but only directly at the race office (Bornit Hotel, Szklarska Poręba). The cost of transferring to another person is PLN 20,00. A new participant can race only from the last starting sector.

The cost of changing the distance, if the limit is not exhausted, is PLN 20,00 + the difference between the amount paid and the currently applicable entry fee (paid at the race office).

3. Will there be parking places in Jakuszyce for participants of the 46th Bieg Piastów?

Bieg Piastów is not able to grant them for everybody. In Jakuszyce, however, there are other parking lots, run by other entities. Please contact them directly (or try and park on your way).

4. Is it possible to get to Jakuszyce by public transport on the race days?

We organize transport by bus to Jakuszyce. Szklarska Poręba schedule and bus stop map:

Flixbus timetable (buses to Prague stop in Jakuszyce): https://www.flixbus.pl/rozklady

Timetable of line No. 109, from Jelenia Góra via Piechowice and Szklarska Poręba, Karkonosze District Transport: https://www.pks.jgora.pl/images/pdf/rozklad-jazdy-pkk/Linia_109.pdf

Train schedule: https://portalpasazera.pl/KatalogStacji?stacja=Szklarska+Por%c4%99ba+Jakuszyce

Timetable of the bus line Prague – Karpacz via Jakuszyce: https://eshop.enjoyeurope.cz/#/?_k=zegowd

5. Where and when will I receive the starting number?

At the Bornit Hotel, 21 Mickiewicza Street in Szklarska Poręba. Opening hours:
3.03.2022 9:00 - 21:00
4.03.2022 6:00 - 21:00
5.03.2022 6:00 - 18:00
6.03.2022 7:00 - 9:45

6. What do I have to present at the race office to pick up my starting number?

You need to show up personally at the race office and present the confirmation of your participation in the form of a “ticket” that has been or will be sent to the e-mail address indicated upon registration. You can also download the “ticket” from your profile on the https://online.datasport.pl/ portal.

7. Can I pick up a starting number for someone else?

If you want to pick up a starting number for someone else, you have to show the "ticket" of the person in the name of whom the package is being collected. PLEASE NOTE! Sharing the "ticket" with a third party equals to authorizing them to collect your starting number.

8. Are there any anti-covid restrictions?

Maximum 250 unvaccinated participants per race are allowed. In practice, this applies to 25 and 50 km runs.

Only racers may access to the race office, without accompanying persons. Cover your mouth and nose and limit your stay at the race office to a minimum, keeping social distance (at least 1.5 m) from other people. In Jakuszyce (race village), social distance from other people should be kept. In the starting sectors, the mouth and nose should be covered. Please abide similar rules during the regeneration meal after the end of the race and during the decoration of winners, as well as in other places in the race village. We kindly ask you to observe the anti-covid safety rules also during your trip to Jakuszyce, especially by public transport.

9. Will it be possible to use the cloakroom and storage room?

Yes. The infrastructure of the race will be available in the parking lot of the Bieg Piastów (Szklarska Poręba, 8 Jakuszyce Street, opposite the Biathlon Hotel).

10. In what form will the start take place?

Start in sectors. The sector groups will set off on the route every 3 minutes.

11. Where can I see the route map, download tracks, learn about profiles?

On the http://bieg-piastow.pl/bieg-piastow website, in the tabs with information about individual races.

12. Will there be nutrition points on the route? If so, what will be served?

Yes, their distribution is provided on maps available on http://bieg-piastow.pl/bieg-piastow (see point 11).

13. Can I count on a hot meal at the finish line as part of the entry fee?


14. Will it be possible to buy the Bieg Piastów souvenirs, gadgets and clothes somewhere?

Yes, our shops will be at the race office (Bornit Hotel, Szklarska Poręba) and on Polana Jakuszycka (the Jakuszycka Glade), in the race village.

15. Will it be possible to pay by card in the Bieg Piastów store? Is it possible to use an ATM nearby?

Yes, you will be able to pay by card in our store. In Jakuszyce, the Euronet ATM is located at a gas station, about 200 meters from the starting sectors. There is also a currency exchange office at the gas station.

16. Is it possible to come to Jakuszyce with accompanying persons?

Due to the pandemic, we recommend that you arrive without accompanying persons.

17. Will the trails of the Bieg Piastów race be closed to skiers not taking part in the competition?

Between 4-6.03.2022 the trails are available only for racers. Those who do not take part in the race, are suggested, for example, to visit the Czech trails nearby (you can find them www.bilestopy.cz).

18. Will there be a ski waxing service in Jakuszyce before the start?

Yes, our partner Holmenkol will provide it free of charge – at a basic level. There will also be points (ski rental shops) where you can arrange waxing on your own (paid service).



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