Over a thousand people at the finish line!

Fresh snow, mild frost, no wind – in such conditions, on Friday, March 3, two races were held within the 46th Bieg Piastów – Cross-Country Skiing Festival. Piotr Skowron and Jadwiga Grynkiewicz impressed everybody with their excellent shape in the 6 km CT. The 30 km freestyle race was won by two Czechs: Petr Knop and Petra Hyncicova.
The sixth SkiTour series was very fast, and the fight for the first places was so fierce and intense that, just behind the finish line, the competitors were falling to the ground and recovering for a long time. Once again this season, Piotr Skowron, a coach and skier from Jelenia Góra, showed a fantastic finish, completing the race slightly ahead of Wojciech Wojtyła and Ireneusz Rabski.
In the women's competition, master class was shown by Jadwiga Grynkiewicz – one of the best cross-country skiers in the world in the +50 age category. She won with a big advantage over much younger rivals.
The 30 km FT race, the results of which are included in the Worldloppet and SkiTour cycles, was held on a demanding route, with an uphill to Samolot and uphill the Elektrownia Turów trail. Petr Knop and Toni Escher escaped their rivals. At the finish line, the first one turned out to be faster.
The women's race was dominated by Petra Hyncicova from the Czech Republic and Andżelika Szyszka, a Polish gazelle from the Bieszczady Mountains. Six minutes later, 18-year-old Kinga Mareczek – one of the best Polish skiers of the young generation – arrived at the finish line.
A great 9th place in the 30 km was taken by the Olympic vice-champion and world champion in mountain biking Maja Włoszczowska, who lives in Jelenia Góra and often comes to Jakuszyce to ski.
There was also a lot going on behind the back of fastest racers. Walter Judka, a 79-year-old participant of all editions of the Bieg Piastów, covered 6 km CT in over 38 minutes. His 12-year-old granddaughter Ola was 5 minutes faster. The second granddaughter – 6-year-old Iga, raced with her peer Maria from another great family of skiers (Smykowski family) – the girls coped with the distance in 1 hour and 21 minutes.


6 km classic technique


1st Piotr Skowron 20:23
2nd Wojciech Wojtyła 20:23
3rd Ireneusz Rabski 20:23


1st Jadwiga Grynkiewicz 22:26
2nd Lena Cliché 23:53
3rd Susanna Pabin 24:58
The 6 km CT race was completed by 652 athletes, including 245 women.

30 km FT
1st Peter Knop 1:22:37
2. Toni Escher 1:23:35
3rd Paul Janecek 1:26:52
1. Petra Hyncicova 1:31:22
2nd Andżelika Szyszka 1:31:39
3rd Kinga Mareczek 1:37:44

The 30 km race was completed by 486 athletes, including 64 women.

The 46th Bieg Piastów program for the next days:
5 March 2022, Saturday
9:00 a.m. - 50 km CT Worldloppet
6 March 2022, Sunday
10:00 a.m. - 25 km CT Worldloppet



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