Skowron and Boudikova before Kowalczyk

Michał Skowron from a skiing family from Sobieszów (Jelenia Góra) won the 50 km CT race within the 46th Bieg Piastów! Among women the Czech athlete Adela Boudikova triumphed, overtaking Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli. 1240 skiers reached the finish line within the time limit.

The trails that had been groomed all night long got covered with fresh snow in the morning, so they became slow and very demanding. In the men's race, the top five was quickly formed by Skowron, Antolec, Leopold, Knop and Janecek. They were sticking to one another for more than 40 kilometers. On the Bez Łaski uphill a representative of the Polish national team, Michał Skowron, attacked leaving his rivals behind and eventually won. He made a brave decision to escape because – as he said at the finish line – he was feeling great, and the pace of the group was not too fast for him. Let's add that the race was held on the trails he has been training since his childhood on - he knows every turn, downhill and uphill. He comes from a great skiing family. His father Mieczysław won the 25 km Bieg Piastów in 1989. Michał was trained for the start in the 50 km CT by his older brother, a great coach (and skier) Piotr.

- I have never eaten two kilograms of chocolate during the race - said Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli at the finish line. The Olympic and world champion, the winner of the World Cup, no longer trains professionally. Thus, 50 kilometers in conditions as difficult as during the 46th Bieg Piastów, was at a lot of effort. - If I had won, it would have been unfair to a rival who trains professionally - said the Queen of Polish Skis.
This rival was the Czech star Adela Boudikova, who had already won the 50 km CT Bieg Piastów six years ago. Then she gave birth to two daughters and put her sports career on hold.
- My daughters are already older than Justyna's baby, so I’ve had more time to get back in shape - explained Adela Boudikova at the finish line.
Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli competed in the Bieg Piastów for the fourth time. She won the 50 km twice (in 2017 and 2019), in 2020 she came second in the 25 km race. Her World Cup victories on the Jakuszyce trails in the 10 km CT in 2012 and 2014 are also memorable. This time her stay in Jakuszyce is more than just about the sport – she is accompanied by her husband Kacper, brother Stefan Tomasz (both also participating in the 50 km CT), parents, coach Aleksander Wierietielny and dog Maniek. The start of Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekiela aroused great interest from other athletes and fans, at every turn she was welcomed with signs of support.

The 50 km Bieg Piastów was held on the beautiful routes of the Jizera Mountains in Szklarska Poręba, in the area between Huta and Kopalnia Stanisław, the Orle tourist station and in the vicinity of Kozi Grzbiet.


50 km CT


1st Michael Skowron 2:34:22
2nd. Richard Leupold 2:34:49
3rd Kacper Antolec 2:34:59


1st Adela Boudikova 2:47:35
2nd Justyna Kowalczyk 2:55:11
3rd Jadwiga Grynkiewicz 3:12:23

The 50 km race is included in the Worldloppet and Skitour classifications. It was completed by 1240 athletes, including 147 women.

The program of the last day of the 46th Bieg Piastów:

6 March 2022, Sunday

10:00 a.m. - 25 km Worldloppet, Skitour


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